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Going to be doing some good ole' fashion PC Hunting soon BUT I'm hoping to see if I somehow win #PSO2GLOBAL PC giveaway before I go big on it. Would save me a shit ton of money if I did. Fingers crossed.
2023年01月26日 07:54:26
#PSO2GLOBAL Had a fun time with the challenge mode game mode today thanks for the Run we should definitely do it again sometime I wonder if we could get more people so we can go even further as this is a good way to get star gems also some unique items with challenge points
2023年01月23日 03:05:46
Reworking the "Idol-Inspired" Look for Stia and the easter egg right here got me emotional. I was wondering what it'd be given those of the other regions and wham bam suddenly I'm back in the 90s playing my very first JRPG, which'd set the tone for where I am today. #PSO2GLOBAL
2023年01月22日 13:08:50
A feature I miss in NGS. The ability to recruit your friends during solo missions. When they’re not around to play. We’d also share our daily outfits if you update your friend avatar frequently. 🥰 @4DLuvOfLuthy #PSO2GLOBAL
2023年01月20日 15:06:17
I can't wait to complete/redo this look once I recover from being salty asf over having not gotten to finish my mission pass for those sweet sweet camo-print CAST parts #PSO2GLOBAL
2023年01月18日 20:53:18